Blonde moment

And the silver spoon.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

So here's what's up

Hey. I'm starting this blog so people can keep up with me, my occasional rants, and other general interests in my life.

So, right now, Josh is looking for a new job. Any leads in accounts payable/receivable, inventory, or human resources are appreciated.

I joined a woman's Bible Study. Yeah, it's about time I started to become integrated into the church we attend. I really enjoy it. I need to hang around more Christians, really.

I just read the new Lori Wick book. I spent the summer reading real literature, and Anna Karinina really challenged me. But, I need to read fluff for a while. So, anyway, for those who have read the new Lori Wick, I have a little fantasy that the Riggs family are the descendents of the family portrayed in the California Series. What do you think?

Josh and I are watching the debates right now. W has all of the good lines. "I'm going to win." Say it often enough, it just might happen.

Well, have a great night!


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