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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Did I ever tell you about…

Tonya? Barb the Evil Genius comments on how wonderful it is to have friends you’ve known a very long time and can let your guard down around. I’ve been thinking of my first college girl-friend, Tonya. We had a very chance meeting and we’re going to celebrate our tenth friendiversary this September.

The most socially traumatic experience of my college career was when Tonya transferred to Bozeman… but then I met Misty.

So, in 2000, I met this guy named Josh, who I later married. In the long run, it turned out to be the highlight of my summer, but thinking in the short term, it was having Tonya around for a week.

Josh’s mom has a ranch outside of Rapid City. And, in 2005, Tonya married this guy who grew up on a ranch outside of Rapid City not 30 miles from Josh’s mom’s ranch. God must have wanted me and Tonya to be friends.

Here’s to you, Tonya! I raise a Dr. Pepper to your health and happiness!


  • At 9:51 PM , Anonymous Tonya said...

    Liz--I recall telling my mother the only good thing about Minnesota was meeting Liz! And yes, God definitely wanted us to be friends!!! I look forward to Thanksgiving.
    P.S. Going camping this weekend... will smoke a cigar, eat a smore, while toasting you with my Dr. P.
    Your the greatest!
    Love ya lots! :)


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