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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Guest blogger

I have invited my sister, HermioneGonzo to guest blog while I’m saying, “Good-bye” to Josh. I’ve given her one specific topic, a tribute to Kirby Puckett. But, she may decide to post on other things, too.

HG just completed her math major this fall and is student teaching to finish her degree in Elementary Ed. How many Elementary Ed majors have taken “Real Analysis?” She does Puckett and Twins stats better then I do, and she can talk about football, too. Plus, she is the queen of pop culture, well versed in the topics of the day, especially life at UWEC, and, as Josh and I say, there is no one as cute as HG.

She’s a little rough on linking, so I’ll edit them when I get back from seeing Josh.

Have fun with my guest!


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