Blonde moment

And the silver spoon.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

And today’s phone call

Waiting for Josh to call me. It’s probably the last time I’ll talk to him before he calls from the states telling me when to pick him up at the airport. I can’t wait to see him!

You know, there’s been so much going on in the news. I would comment on Democrat persons who go off and try to negotiate foreign policy. However, I’ll let wonks do that. In my opinion, people who do not jump on Rick Warren for the same should not jump on Dems for it.

I could comment on the Duke case, and probably will a little more extensively. My big deal is this: you find other men’s fluid in the rape kit, better present them as suspects too. She could have mistaken the identity of her rapist, or wanted to defend someone, or what have you. You don’t prosecute all, don’t prosecute any. Only exception is if she were married.

I could also comment on other war related issues. But won’t. My husband prefers his welcome home to be cute, perky, and absolutely dying to see him. Thinking of bad news distracts from the perky part. Oh, and on a self centered note, guess what I put on yesterday? (Actually two things, but both equally exciting.) Yup, size 8 Dockers! I have reduced from a size 16 to a size 8 since June. Also, I tried on this bridesmaids dress I wore the week before I was put on prednisone. Slightly snug at the waist, but nothing some good shape wear won’t hide. Perfect on top. (Pictures to follow once I figure out how to post them, and once I find a picture of me at Vanessa’s wedding. Oh, and once my husband is back on the road. I have better things to do then post while he is here.) Which means I am back to “two sized” Liz. It also means that I have three other bridesmaid dresses that are too big, and my wedding dress is too big!

Anyway, yeah, my husband is coming home to a cute and perky wife who has reduced to a size 8, smaller then when she married him, who is just dying to see him! Any day now!


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