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Friday, May 25, 2007

Animal testing, embryonic stem cell research, and other thoughts…

Again, since I’m taking a weekend off from deep thinking, I’ll just share what I’ve been stewing about. I’m pro-life and against animal testing (look, it’s not my fault Becky’s dog ate a bar of the soap I made…).

Is it wrong to use vaccines derived from chick embryos and monkey kidneys? If yes, is it not a greater wrong to use vaccines derived from aborted humans? Furthermore, let’s just assume the chicks and monkeys were killed for the purpose of laboratory tests and the babies were killed because it inconvenienced the mom to have the baby for whatever reason. If one justifies the embryonic research by saying, “Well, at least something good came from a morally reprehensible death,” couldn’t I say the same thing from the animal’s death?

I’m going for the chick and monkey products rather then the human products. I’ll develop my argument another time.


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