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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why do I sense the abortion lobby at work?

Genetic tests… HIV tests… none of your damned business to make me do either, I say. My mom and her friend were pregnant at the same time. I’m three months older then the other baby. The other baby is mentally retarded. But she leads a happy life. She has a job cleaning bathrooms at a day care. She bowls. She used to ride horses (and for all I know still does). She is an aunt. She lives independently of her parents in a group home.

I have a friend with cerebral palsy. He leads a normal, happy life as a computer programmer.

Another friend’s brother has Down’s Syndrome.

There are people who would say, “Well, I would never kill a baby because of something like gender, but you know, I don’t have the patience for a ‘special needs’ kid.” OK, but there are people out there who do kill babies because of gender. Besides, would you like to know who killed people with Down’s Syndrome, mental retardation, and cerebral palsy? Hitler.

I can’t help but think these genetic tests, and these HIV tests are all designed so we only have “perfect” children. So, let’s pick on these HIV tests. What if a mom found out she was HIV positive. Should she kill her baby? And if she declined to kill her baby, would the government make her do it?

Some friends of mine had a baby who died because of genetic disease. I think I would want to know if by child had serious health problems, so I could be prepared. However, I am in the process of finding a Catholic or NFP OB/GYN who understands my pro-life positions. I don’t think my current doctor understands them. I want to seek medical care from people with a pro-life mentality where the “a” word will not be uttered.


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