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Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Wise Man and his foundation…

Pastor talked about the wise and foolish man and their building techniques today. He applied it to marriage. He expressed a lot of wisdom in his talk, not condemning modern forms of communication that are the life line of mil spouses, but talking about placing marriages on the foundation of Christ.

Josh and I have been trying to build our marriage on the foundation of Christ. Deployments, even for fairly self-sufficient people like me, are rough. We do not “ask” for such things. We volunteer so others are not forced to go through these rough times. And now that the flood waters of the deployment are starting to recede, Josh and I will be inspecting the damage and rebuilding.

Josh and I joke that it will be just like dating again, only we can have marital relations (yeah, we all know what kind of links I’m trying to avoid here). I knew the “before Josh” and I will get to know the “after Josh,” but I will probably never know the steps it took for Josh to get from before to after. And it’s the same with me.

I am committed to God, Josh, and our marriage. We have family, friends, and a church body that are genuinely concerned about us and will be a good support. I pray for our reunion that it will go well and the rebuilding process goes smoothly.


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