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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A responsible decision…

Josh and I have a dear friend who, when particularly frustrated about the deployment, says, “The Bush girls should have to go.” Gender aside, our friend isn’t thinking about the risks a high profile target poses to troops.

England gets it right. Prince Harry poses an unnecessary risk to his comrades, as such, he should stay behind. Prince Harry is not “just like everyone else.” Sure, he has the same training and stuff, but his money and his good fortune to be born into the royal family make him an attractive target. Here’s how:

1. The tabloids won’t leave him alone, which makes it apparently obvious who he is, even to terrorists who have never seen his picture.
2. He’s the wealthy younger son of an incredibly popular, and dead, woman. He is worth an obscene amount of money to the terrorists and will be ransomed.
3. Those in his command mean nothing to terrorists, as such, will, I repeat, will be killed to obtain the target.
4. If he is kidnapped, the UK and US will spend an obscene amount of blood to rescue him, more so then any other soldier.

I personally admire the young man for his willingness to serve his country. He understands that his body is not worth the lives of countless others. I wish others would understand that soldiers are worth more then putting a high profile target in Iraq and only for a political agenda.


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