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Friday, May 11, 2007

Other Blog Highlights

Thanks! Eating Words posts a great point: “If the size of the Army is increased they will not hold all those troops in reserve. They’ll use them. Count on it. If they have a real shortage now they should cut back on their commitments.”

Support for Josh doesn’t mean that I can’t ask my leaders how and for what purpose they want to use him.

Barb is pro-gun, and worries about colleges that take away pro-gun speech and are afraid of concealed carry holders . If it were not for the perfect spring and falls, I probably wouldn’t like it here as much… And Tom, the above mentioned concealed carry holder, will be interviewed on on the Second Edition, by Mitch and Captain Ed. Live stream here .

Barb also points out a bit of Americana that is fascinating. I’ll have to keep my eye out for something like that.

We shouldn’t forget about our Firemen either. Thanks to Marc, my friend Kara's husband.

But at the same time, via Psycmeistr, we are reminded about reintegration .

Ouch is all I have to say, via Heresy Hunter.

Happy Birthday to erapp from The Rapp Files.

And it’s about time for me to e-mail with Josh for a while and then off to bed…

FRG for tomorrow, which usually gets me thinking about something.


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