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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Highlights from my news week…

Now, keep in mind, folks, what I consider “news” other people do not. News, as defined by Liz, comprises of issues that have little to do with Iraq or the Presidential election… um… and probably a few other things.

Neat book for boys. It teaches useful things like how to make paper airplanes, tree forts, trip wires, a bow and arrow, and the details of important battles. Sure, they’ll shoot their eye out while playing war, but as long as Josh is supervising and not me, it should be OK.

Speaking of boys… or, rather transitioning to men. I can totally understand why men would want to have an obstacle course for their tanks. I can also understand why their neighbors wouldn’t like it. Now Josh, of course, is more of the jump out of airplanes type man, but the same principle applies. What’s the point of having tanks if you can’t use them? (Or in Josh’s case, what’s the point of having jump boots that aren’t getting used? As long as I am permitted to stay on flat ground, we’re good.)

To sum up: the male of the species likes to do things that are not safe, quiet, or pretty. We need to tolerate it because that’s what makes them neat. (As an aside, I have a beef with the utility knife lobby that will be addressed when the Strib’s link is fixed…)


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