Blonde moment

And the silver spoon.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I’ve noticed some new visitors…

Welcome to my new friends.

I’ve undergone a couple of changes. I’ve been in a pink mood, and I was having a little trouble with the previous lighthouse template where links and archives have been concerned. I switched to what works for me for now.

In case anyone is wondering, my blog title is “A Blonde Moment,” however my url is ablondmoment. When I set this up almost three years ago the url ablondemoment was taken. Last I checked, that blog is gone, but I’ve kept things as they are. It’s an intentional inconsistency, and not one of those little detailed things I’m often oblivious to. I’ve seen myself listed as both with and without the “e” and I’m not particular. Whatever works for you is good for me.

I’ve been added to a couple of blog rolls. So, I decided to clean up and modify my links. Those who like keeping up with specific friends and family members who blog, those links remain unchanged. I’ve taken out a link or two where there have been no updates in a year. And I’ve added the MOB blog listing and I’m waiting for the Confessional Lutheran Blogs template.


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