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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This week, in the life of Baby…

Elbows will complete and the little toe rays will become toes. Male or female members will continue to form and bones will continue to harden. Also, Baby will grow to be around the size of a kidney bean, therefore, this week I will be referring to Baby as Beanie Baby. Beanie will also weigh in at a gram this week, or about the weight of a paper clip. Between now and December 20th, Beanie will grow from kidney bean to slightly bigger then kiwi fruit.

Beanie will also begin to move away if touched through my abdomen. This, however, does not make it open poking season on my tummy (or I’ll start to poke your tummy when you next have nausea). I may be open to letting people I know personally give Beanie a little gentle rub, if asked first. (from

OK, and so here’s my little bit of vanity for you all. I broke down and got out my middle weight clothes from when I was loosing weight. My six’s and eights just didn’t last long after the pregnancy test. I’ve kept things to six lbs, but being extra gassy and bloated doesn’t help. My large and extra large blouses don’t fit well and I feel like a cow in them. So, I sucked it in and got a pair of maternity corduroys and also two maternity tops. I feel much better knowing I have a couple of nice tops to wear to church that fit well, so make me feel pretty. That means I’m going on the hunt for some maternity patterns to make.

The nice thing about having friends who have had babies is I can also beg tops off of them. But, they’re all still in child bearing years and taller then me, so I’m going to be making/buying most of my own pants and skirts.


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