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Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Bang for the Buck

Pianomomsicle and I were hanging out last spring and we went to a liquor store. And she did this cute little cost/benefit analysis over whether she should use her money to buy a bottle of wine or a shirt on sale at Kohl’s. I was so proud of her! I then went on to explain that people with degrees in economics tend to study these decisions.

And so, Painomonsicle has all sorts of great economic resources on her blog. For example, she has a resource on how to acquire cheap and entertaining toys that are not made in China! My guess is David is not going to get lead poisoning. And, in the past, she has shared ways to cut costs. She is definitely gorgeous and smart.

This morning, on KARE 11 news, a new resource for those of us inclined to think economically, was featured. Cheap but not Easy is on a one year quest to not spend more then $20 on anything. My favorite idea: a house warming gift.

And that’s what we all want anyway, more bang for our buck. The question is: How much time do we want to invest on achieving the most bang for buck and how to we price our time…


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