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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Something that bothers me…

Double standards.

I am critical of the popular Christian culture and I make no apologies for it. The label “Christian (fill in the blank with book, music, art)” means nothing to me. People sin and repent, and should be forgiven for it. However, if Christians do not hold ourselves up to a higher standard then the culture around us, we have no one to blame but ourselves when our rights to practice Christianity are taken away.

We are condemned for reading Harry Potter and romance novels and listening to secular music, but does the Christian community provide a safe alternative? Reading fiction provides intellectual benefit, but do Christian romance novels really prevent women from engaging in emotional lust? Does Christian music impart solid doctrine or “Jesus is my boyfriend?” Do Christian artists behave in a non-sexualized manner?

If I were to sit and write a blog post condemning Brittany Spears, I’d get kudos from the Christian community, but when I point out that the Christian culture is just as sexualized as Brittany Spears, I’m the she-devil. My sisters and I went to several Christian concerts growing up. But I do not remember any of them being sexual. I’m afraid that I won’t have such options for my kids.

And when I’m critical of Christian leaders and how I disagree with whatever point in theology (because I can find most of what Rick Warren and Joel Osteen have to say in the self-help and marketing section of a secular bookstore) I am likewise told to lay off because they do good works or whatever.

We need to engage ourselves with both the secular culture and the Christian culture to make sure we are indeed behaving in a manner according to Scripture.

Full disclosure… I used to work at Victoria’s Secrets. I think more Christian women should wear such product… in front of their husbands only. I am also a fan of certain Christian groups, namely Jacobs Trouble, PFR, DC Talk and Kutlass. And for my husband’s enjoyment I have purchased works by other Christian artists. I also read Lori Wick and Harry Potter and have purchased some Theodore Beale books for others, though have not read them.


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