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Sunday, December 14, 2008

If I were smart and did a muslin…

Here’s how I *would* have done McCall’s 3656… First, I would have tossed the instructions out. Worthless and not how McCall’s does their other dresses. Second, cut extras for the bodice, but cut the extras so there aren’t arm holes on them.

Here’s how I will assemble next time:
Assemble the back and put in the zipper
Assemble the front
BEFORE doing the under sleeve seam and the side seams, sew the shoulders and shoulder/sleeve seem. Then do a cuff of sleeve to skirt hem seam.

Collar: sew the collar on according to instructions, then take the extra bodice pieces, just doing the shoulder seams (remember, no arm holes as you cut those away) Sew the second bodice to the collar and dress bodice, right sides together, clip your circle and flip the second bodice to the inside of the dress, and stitch.

After I finish doing what I need to hand sew, I’ll post pictures.


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