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Monday, December 08, 2008

Random points of interest…

Do Europeans have lower Down’s Syndrome rates because of their pre-natal care? Frank from the Haut South seems to think so … but in a rather morbid way.

Rev. Russ has a point of view on whether or not to practice liturgy … I kind of agree with him and kind of disagree with him. I have this long post about it that I’ve been polishing. I’ll try to get it up this weekend after first rice cereal clean up.

L P Cruz reminds us that it’s OK to not know all the answers .

Dr. Vieth via Pastor McCain wishes us all a slappy Christmas.

Rebekah from the CSPP reminds us of child logic . For my part, I was told that Aunty Joy and my Mommy had babies in their tummies. I knew the babies had to come out, and based on my childish logic, I decided that they must come out of belly buttons. (Well, if you don’t know you need more information, why ask?) Ironically enough, I had a C-Section with Mallory and will be a C-Section only mom due to some complications with Mallory.

I’ve been following the story of a foster mom on The Laundry’s Never Done. Their foster son went home to his dad recently, and she provides an end to their story . Though I’ve never met her, I feel a bond to her for some personal reasons. Please pray for this wonderful family as they discern their next step.

A Rosenbladt quote via Eric Rapp: What the sad alumni need to hear, perhaps for the first time, is that Christian failures are going to walk into heaven, be welcomed into heaven, leap into heaven like a calf leaping out of its stall, laughing and laughing as if it's all too good to be true. It isn't just that we failures will get in, it's that we will probably get in like that. We failures in living the Christian life as described in the Bible will probably say something like, "You mean it really was that simple? Just Christ's cross and blood? Just his righteousness imputed to my account as if it were mine? You got to be kidding! And all of heaven is ours just because of what was done by Jesus outside of me, not in me? On the cross, not in my heart? Not in my Christian living, not in my ethics and behavior? Well, I'll be damned!"

King from SCSU Scholars points out that some people think it’s OK for healthy people to use cocain’s kissing cousin Ritalin and he ties it to other performance enhancing drugs. Nancy Reagan’s mission failed. Do we D.A.R.E. go down this path?

Baby Jesus pics up when I get them!

Also, does anyone have thoughts on the series: Great Books of the Western World?


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