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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ground Hogs Day

Yes, a little late, I’ll admit. But I’m actually referring to the movie where Ground Hogs day is relived over and over and over. I have a series of days with Josh that I re-live in my head over and over. One of those things, I guess. I remember our first date… gosh, almost six years ago! I remember when he proposed. I remember our wedding. Our trips various places… there are a couple of really special days that I live continually.

First, I re-live October 3rd. You see, he was supposed to leave October 1st, early in the morning. That got put off until early in the morning October 4th. But, on October 3rd, he was told that he was staying until October 8th… We had a great time on October 3rd, celebrating the extra days we had together. Turns out that he did leave on October 4th, but we’ll always have October 3rd…

I also liked Christmas this year. We were together as a family, Josh and me, my parents, HermioneGonzo, and Becky and Sam… and Dolly the dog. A wonderful time was had by all. I also liked Jan 1 very much because we were just normal as a couple all day.

I’m looking forward to the 18th and 19th. Josh and I will be at our resort, enjoying massages, and we’ll be able to go to church to receive communion together. The memories that will be created just being a couple together. Not quite normal, mind you. Normal happens at home. But special. Special is a trip to a nice resort. Those days in particular are going to be special because I have to say good-bye on the 20th.

So, what have I done to prepare for the upcoming drought of Josh contact? I have a sentimental streak that I get from my dad. I had saved every card, letter, and e-mail that Josh sent me when we were dating and engaged. I also still have the recent cards and letters, but more so when we were dating and engaged. It’s nice to see how we’ve grown together as a couple and nice to think of when we’ll be together again. In the mean time, I will value next week like nothing else and I will need to learn to rely on God more and my family more.

When are your “Ground Hogs Days?” Be sure to follow the example of Mary, Jesus’ mom, and cherish them in your hearts.


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