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Friday, April 14, 2006

Keeping Things Honest

I am not a huge fan of war protestors. Mostly, they don’t make much sense and do not think of the consequences of their proposed solutions. I also do not have much patience for them. They are useful for something, however. No, not just water target practice (yeah, you know who you are, and if you wouldn’t stand near the puddle after it rains, I wouldn’t splash you). They attempt to keep things honest. Now, what they succeed in doing is making the dishonest people who agree with them sound good.

I am not really a huge fan of yes men either. You can train a bird to repeat talking points. The Bush administration is really good at stay the course lines that are repeated over and over by conservative columnists and media.

Why can’t we have an honest critique of what the current situation in Iraq is without being accused of treason, stupidity, or not supporting the troops? I have been reassessing my views on the War(?) in Iraq since Josh left. And I have a gut feeling that *something* is not right over there. I’ve blamed it on Ben Shapiro and the like not standing up for what he believes in and joining the armed services. I’ve blamed it on having to buy Josh gear that the Army says he has to have but won’t pay for. I’ve blamed it on other emotional outbursts that I am more prone to now that Josh is gone.

So, here it is, what I have been waiting for, an honest critique of the situation in Iraq and of the way the Bush administration is handling things. Thanks to Dr. Banaian for keeping it honest!


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