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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A neat way of sharing your faith

I don’t know why, but I like Hollywood gossip. Maybe it’s because I grew up with “The Cannon Mess” and the visits from James St. James. After James St. James quit doing the KS95 morning show, I have been reading Roger Friedman’s column, “The Fox 411,” fairly regularly. Today’s column is an example of a neat way to share ones faith:

“Katie Holmes has Jessica Rodriguez making sure she's in step with her religion. I have my father, who is hiding the matzoh for our Seder even as we speak. We're off tomorrow for Passover, which begins tonight and doesn't cost a thing.
“No one at our table will even be wearing red string bracelets, although some of the women may be discreetly sporting items from Tiffany while we ponder why this night is different from all others (the answer has nothing to do with a new episode of "Lost," however).
“See you Friday.”

And even Christians should ponder why Thursday, Friday, and Sunday are different from all others. Praise be to God who has won the victory for His people time and time again! And truly the victory is won.


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