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Monday, May 08, 2006

And the Fat Lady Sang

No seriously, she did. At the end. It was great! Not a lot happened the first half, according to Mom. (Why must people call during the last episode of 7th Heaven?)
Mary did appear and was redeemed by the writers, or rather, the writers redeemed themselves. Matt and Sarah are graduating from med school and are having twins. Mary and Carlos are back together and are having twins. Lucy and Kevin are having twins. Ruthie has a new boyfriend, the twins got their permanent marker mustaches removed, and Simon and Rose….

Did NOT get married.

Oh, and Mary is going to graduate from college.

It ended in true 7th Heaven of old fashion. The writers sure did it up right. If only they had written this way for the past two years, the show would have continued onto the new UPN/WB combo network.

I will truly miss these family dramas. I never really got into Gilmore Girls or Everwood. But 7th Heaven was above and beyond that. Correct me if I’m wrong ladies and gentlemen, but this is also the end to another era… this and Charmed are the only Aaron Spelling shows on their first run, and Charmed is ending too. Will Aaron Spelling get out something new, or has his “Dynasty” (apologies to HermionyGonzo, and the pun was intended) ended? One never knows.

But, the fat lady sang.


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