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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Different things

Josh updated his blog and I’ve been messing with his links. Mom and I went to the farmers market this morning. One thing I noticed is that it is DARK outside. People think I’m a little odd for hoping the summer ends and that we get on with the fall. I have things to look forward to this winter and spring. I cannot wait until this deployment is done with.

I got little egg plants at the farmers market. I like egg plant. It’s nice to have little ones as opposed to big ones because you only have to cut up the one or two you are going to eat and save the rest for later. If you live alone cutting up a big egg plant can be a waste. Egg plant goes well with zucchini. You know… even if Josh were here, cutting up a big egg plant might be a waste. I’m not sure if he likes egg plant. It’s purple. Josh likes purple. So it would make a measure of sense in my world to assume he likes egg plant because it’s purple. He likes plums… one wishes one could assume that specific colors would lead to a preference in taste based on color alone. Sigh.

Josh has been doing iMarriage over in Iraq. It’s really cool that the military permits/sponsors/allows whatever the military does in this situation opportunities like that.

Time to make sure the electric blanket is working (it is).

I have spot on my foot that is blister prone. Perhaps I need new shoes. Perhaps I need new socks. Perhaps a little of both.

I did 4 mph for a half hour today. I may again tomorrow. I may not. But I felt good after. This also means that I only did a 15 minute work up and cool down.

Does everyone know what Monday is? The 11 month anniversary! Yeah, my husband has been gone for 11 months. I haven’t seen him for almost six. I won’t see him for a few more but only for two weeks.
Speaking randomly about food and longing for the presence for ones husband… So let’s say you wanted to pull a mean and nasty trick on someone (and who would really want to do that). It’s getting to be squash harvest soon. And lets say one would prefer ones family eat less starchy foods but still likes to make tomato sauce. One could make spaghetti squash and use that instead of noodles (it is very good, by the way, with some sautéed minced garlic, onions, chives, and basil). Just a thought. I have successfully pulled it off. I was also serving tofu parmesan. But I didn’t serve it to Josh. I’m not sure if he’d go for tofu parmesan. I still bet I could convince him that spaghetti squash would be an adequate substitute for noodles, but he pays attention to me when I’m cooking, so I wouldn’t be able to trick him.


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