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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Breaking up time

I break time up into milestones. One nasty thing about the extension is it threw off my milestones. So, here’s how it went: Josh left. Work deadline. Thanksgiving. Project start at work. Josh came home for Christmas. Josh left. Work deadline. Trip to Chicago for work. Trip to DC for work. Project start. Trip to Mississippi to send Josh off. Work deadline. Project start at work. Started Weight Watchers. July 4th. Work deadline. My girlfriend’s husband came on leave. Project start at work. Trip to DC for work. Deadline. Get ready for Josh to come home on leave. Thanksgiving. Project start for work. Josh came home. Josh left. Deadline. And by that time there was an extension… It was supposed to go: Deadline, get ready for Josh to come home. Project start at work and Josh comes home.

Two days after I found out about the extension, my boss offered me a chance to go back to DC to train new employees. So, that broke things up. And we started our busy part of the quarter at work. But, I need something to break up the time. I am milestoneless.

By the way, I’m 13 lbs shy of goal and within a healthy BMI range right now. (Meaning, my prednisone weight is almost gone!)

OK, so how do I break up the monotony of daily life? Well, I just signed up for a belly dancing class.

When I say, “Oh, I’m taking a belly dancing class,” people either get it or they don’t. Those that don’t usually ask, “Why?” It just sounds like fun. Then we get into disagreements over preferences about fun ways to spend ones time. My other favorite response is, “Don’t you think every serviceman should come home to a wife that has taken belly dance classes?” I’m just doing my part to support my soldier, after all.

Now the tricky part comes when its one of my military wife friends who don’t think belly dancing classes sound fun. I am unable to persuade one of them that her husband would certainly forgo calling one night a week so she can join me.

Anyway… so how does this break up time? Well, by the time my class is done, this extension will be almost half way over. And if belly dancing classes are as fun as what they sound, then I’ll sign up for another session. If they aren’t as fun, oh well.


  • At 12:13 PM , Anonymous themuttprincess said...

    Belly dancing sounds like a fantastic way to surprise your husband and to help the time go faster.

  • At 7:31 PM , Blogger HockeyMom said...

    I stsarted taking belly dancing classes last fall when my youngest went off to college. It has been fun and a challnge, my body just hasn't moved that way before. A great stress reliever. Have fun!

  • At 3:02 PM , Blogger Liz said...

    My first class is tonight! I'll post how it goes! Thanks for the heads up, Hockey Mom!


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