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Friday, May 25, 2007

That new glasses feeling and other things…

I got new glasses. My vision is not particularly bad, distance wise. Eye doctors have said that if it wasn’t for my astigmatisms, I wouldn’t notice. Yeah, my astigmatisms give me grief, in the form of migraines.

Anyway, so my prescription changed just enough to make a difference. I got new frames and prescription sunglasses. You know; if you ever get sunglasses, get polarized lenses. They make such a difference.

So, I’m making friends with my new glasses. I have to get used to the prescriptions, certainly. But it’s the getting used to the anti-glare and the cut of the frames that make the bigger difference. I got similar frames to what I usually wear, just smaller. And they sit higher on my face and closer to my eyes. So I have this small field where I actually need to physically look down instead of just moving my eyes.

And to go with my new glasses, I also am wearing a new shirt and new pants. Yes, size six pants. Be still my heart. I feel cute as a button.

You know, I forgot what a good song “Teen Spirit” is. It’s really one of the few songs where I can associate artist with song. In college, my friend, Jim, and I were riding in the car and we were talking about music. He was talking about how great this or that band is, and I said, “Oh, I don’t like that…” He said, “Yes you do.” So, we went through all of the bands that I didn’t think I liked but whose songs I really do like. One of those artist/song association things. So, as long as I get genres down, we’re good. I like rock and its various forms from the late sixties on. That’s probably because I also prefer the Baroque era in orchestral music.

So why this discussion… Well, see KOOL 108 switched formats again. And I don’t even know if they’re having the Mosquito 500 this year or not. Guess I’ll find out later. But see, KQ is hosting the KQ 700… sigh… so, if my Saturday talk shows are having “Best of” editions, I’ll be quick to switch. But to what? Mosquito 500 or KQ 700?

And I am not about deep and meaningful thinking this weekend, unless a deep or meaningful thought happens by. I’ll be doing some house work, trying to incorporate Josh’s tastes into our décor and getting things ready for him to come home to. I’m going to the Twins Game on Sunday because Josh signed us up for a VTC. Very exciting. And I’ll be finishing up on Ben and Caroline’s afghan and getting a decent chunk done on Rachel and Peder’s.

Its Memorial Day weekend, and I’m not going to intentionally engage in deep or meaningful thinking? Um, probably not. See, I’ve been living alone for 20 months now, so honoring Josh by making our apartment a joint dwelling place is how I intend to honor veterans. And I’d rather not think about those who gave their lives in service to our country… not that we shouldn’t, but when ones husband is at war, it’s just not something one likes to think about. I’ll think about it next year. Or on Veterans Day. Just not now.


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