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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bad Blondes…

I have refrained from commenting about Paris Hilton and other bad blondes in the news. Something bothers me about the entire twenty-something celebrity scene. Ms. Hilton and company earn celebrity, fame, and probably a great deal of money, for their irresponsibility. And the media is correct to exhort we should not encourage young ladies to look up to these women.

However, I have a different take, or at least one I haven’t heard. I was looking at my Marilyn DVD collection today. And the question still strikes me, “Did anyone care enough about Marilyn Monroe to pray the Holy Spirit lead her to repentance?”

The unfortunate thing about the current dominant Christian culture is they place such loathing and hatred on people like Paris Hilton that they forget to love her enough to pray for her soul. Sure, hold her up as an example of what sinful behavior will get you, but in turn pray for her soul.
As we wag our fingers and say, “She deserved what she got,” we must also look in the mirror and realize the punishment we deserve as sinners. Anna-Nicole Smith’s life became her demise, and we should fervently pray that same death does not fall upon others, and for the souls of the women our daughters admire.


  • At 10:20 PM , Blogger Barb the Evil Genius said...

    Thing is, there's lots of people out there we should/could be praying for. Although it's true that we don't think much about the eternal souls of these people.

  • At 7:57 AM , Blogger Liz said...

    Don't I know it! And I don't pray for them as much as I should. What started me on this kick was back in 1998, I was having a discussion with a Christian leader about the Clintons. He was talking about how evil Mrs. Clinton is, and I said, "Well, do you pray for her soul?" He told me he didn't like her enough. So, I have little reminders to pray for different people throughout the day.


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