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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The weekend five…

What’s something you wear only on special occasions, and when was the last time? Hose. I am generally a bare legged with glitter lotion person when I can help it. And the last time I wore hose was probably Pianomomsicle’s wedding. (Glitter lotion is rarely inappropriate.)

What’s something you consume only on special occasions, and when was the last time? Bread Pudding… and the last time I had it was Valentine’s Day at The Hotel Rouge in DC. I generally say, “My bread pudding is the best,” (hey, Melitta studied in England and says so, therefore…) but The Hotel Rouge has AWESOME bread pudding, made with croissants and topped with hot fudge… yum!

Who’s someone you see only on special occasions, and when was the last time? My cousins; and I saw them most recently at Granny’s funeral.

From now on, you will commemorate every year on this date something that happened to you in the past twenty-four hours! What will it be? I’m going to break this one… Josh came home on June 23rd, as such, I will forever commemorate it as Josh coming home day.

What’s a unique special occasion you share with just a few people you know? I can think of several unique occasions. First, youngest to oldest, my sisters and my birthdays are consecutive odds… 1/3; 5/7; 9/11. And that is technically three dates… so on 5/17, my dad proposed to my mom, Josh’s Dad and step-mom got married, and Josh and I got married. Years apart for all of them, but still majorly cool… Oh, and Josh’s Grandma and I (now) both share the same first and last name and birthday. And this same grandma and my maternal grandma have the same first and middle name (but not birthday).

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