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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Reintegrating a soldier…

As you can tell by lack of posting, we’ve been busy. There is so much to do in reintegrating Josh. We’ve been getting him acclimated to American culture again, getting them exposed to crowds, getting them used to choices like what foods to eat, and things like that. And then you have personal business to take care of, finding a job, finishing some classes, dentist appointments, stuff like that. I think the most time consuming is learning to be a married couple in the same place again. For example, how should the kitchen be organized so we can both use it? How should we spend our money? There are some things, laundry and cleaning for example, that if you want it done a particular way, it’s just best to do it yourself or not complain about the method or timing. And we (meaning Josh) need to get used to a new routine that has changed since he left two years ago. We both need to get used to how the other has changed. And, I have made 95% of the financial decisions by myself for almost two years. So, I am in the process of teaching Josh how I want certain things done and where certain things are kept.

Things are going well. God has been good to both of us. I’m saying this honestly. I know I don’t talk about how the deployment and stuff affect me. I don’t want people to take stuff the wrong way. But things are really going well.


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