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Sunday, November 04, 2007

My little crocheting dilemma….

So, I’ve been working on a baby afghan that Granny started. It’s really cute. It’s a row of dc in baby blue, a row of a dc dtrc pattern in aqua and pink, a row of baby blue dc, and a row of the dc dtrc pattern in baby rainbow. It is a super cute pattern and it was easy to pick up… and all the crafters say, “But…”

Granny didn’t have enough yarn to finish. Yup, in the three garbage bags of yarn she left, one would think she’d have an extra skein or two of each color, but no.

OK, so the baby blue and the aqua and pink are still available, but not the rainbow!

What to do, oh, what to do.

I’m thinking, and if a fellow crocheter thinks this is dumb, just let me know in the comments, is trying to match one color in the rainbow and then work equal number of rows on both the top and bottom so the rainbow rows are all in the middle.

It would be something like this…

New color
Aqua Pink
Aqua pink

And starting on the bottom going down:
Existing aqua pink
Existing blue
New color


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