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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The game of “tag…”

Barb the Evil Genius says that I’m “it.”

Hmmmm…. Seven *true* things about me…

1. I gave Granny a Rod Stewart CD that she actually listened to!
2. I have two pairs of jammies with feet that fit me.
3. I was at the Mall of America on its opening night (along with the rest of my family, the neighborhood, and Bloomington).
4. I am finishing an afghan that Granny started before she died (and hopefully will have occasion to use said afghan in the next year).
5. The centerpiece stone on my engagement/wedding ring is a sapphire because I’m not a huge fan of diamonds.
6. I use Josh’s hoard of sports memorabilia, baseball cards, and comic books as an excuse to hoard yarn and lotion.
7. I make superior bread pudding, or so says Melitta, who studied in England for a year where she sampled bread pudding from many places.

OK… I tag:
Theresa from Katie’s Beer
And, though I link to many blogs on the side, I can’t think of who else to tag.

Rules of the game, for those tagged:
Share seven interesting things about yourself and tag seven (or six?) others.


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