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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Trendy Free Speech…

Mrs. Scholar writes a monthly op-ed in the St. Cloud Times. She shows her maturity as a writer and journalist by researching the free speech policies of St. Cloud State University, and St. John’s University, and the College of St. Benedict .

The current issue is whether or not terrorists should be allowed free speech on campuses. I see it is the case that terrorists are allowed to speak their minds on campuses because they are trendy. A-mini-jihad isn’t a white supremacist, therefore it is acceptable for him to wish to kill all Jews. (It is never acceptable to wish to kill off a race.)

What irks me the most about the left, particularly female leftists, is they prefer to stand by those who would most take our freedoms away. Rosie O’Donnell loves terrorist governments, however, she would be murdered for her sexual preference. Those who support sexually explicit exhibits in public venues would be censored along with the Christians. Women who value the freedom to wear what they want would be covered.

I laud the restraint of the US Armed Forces for not taking him out while in country. Bush wouldn’t be granted such restraint in Iran.

Anyway, I find it interesting that Mrs. S recommends reading literature as a means of engaging in philosophy. I have a couple of recommendations, 1984 and It Can’t Happen Here .

Hats off to Mrs. S!


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