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Thursday, September 27, 2007

When Lutherans Become Evangelical…

So, I recently started a small group Bible Study for women between 20 and 35 sponsored by my church. I am accountable to a DCE for the content and that the group grows. As it turns out, most of the women in my group have spent years of their lives in various evangelical to non-denominational churches.

To become a new adult member of our church, one has to go through a several week class that explains foundational beliefs of the confessional Lutheran Church. The class, by nature, is a survey class so confirmed Lutherans don’t have to sit through the same old catechism class again.

Here's an observation I made to Pastor, this is not an opinion, rather an observation. A recent phenomenon in confessional churches is the migration of Evangelicals back to orthodoxy-with-a-small-o, henceforth referred to orthodoxy. I don’t think Pastors have been prepared for this, as such, many new members come from a background where they are not familiar with the confessions of faith.

Pastor is starting a sermon series on The Apostles Creed (a good excuse to bring my copy of Concordia, reader’s edition , edited by Rev. Paul McCain , great edition, by the way). So, as I was stopping by church, I briefly suggested to Pastor that a class on the Augsburg Confessions or the Large Catechism be made available, as well, explaining how people from a non-confessional background aren’t used to confessing one theology.


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