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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Time overseas vs time at home…

I’m not a big fan of current attempts to give service members equality between war duty and home duty. I’m a big fan of Josh being home, don’t get me wrong. But current efforts just use military family emotions for political agendas, and I don’t like that. From either side, fellow Republicans.

If you *really* want to do me a favor, though… See, T-Paw passed this legislation that not only makes military pay and pensions tax exempt for state tax purposes even when not at war, but it is also a dollar for dollar subtraction from my state taxable. This would be swell if it also applied to Federal Taxes. Just saying. I can be bought.

Update: As a side note, I was incorrect on this military pensions and in-state duty pay being tax exempt... but still, it's been a sweet deal while Josh was deployed... and it would be an even sweeter deal if it applied to Federal Taxes...


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