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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Women Leadership…

Very poignant . There isn’t a lot I can add to that. Though I do disagree, women aren’t so keen on beer trees. Most women I know would prefer Bailey’s trees. I, myself, am more of a Sherry or Amaretto gal, though there is something to be said about a good stout. Vote for me, I’d put funding into the research for alcoholic beverage trees.

I was listening to this radio show, and some guy was a guest talking about the feminization of churches. A women called in asking how she could help her husband teach her sons to be Godly men. I’m sure she’s a neat lady and a great asset to her family. The guest and the host gave some warm fuzzy answer that I’m sure she appreciated, but here’s the thing with women. They meddle.

During reintegration training, we were told, “Don’t be Oprah or Dr. Phil. Don’t try to fix your soldier. Let them work through stuff and if they’re still acting in a manner contrary to their character after a couple of months, then call in the reinforcements.” In other words, don’t meddle where you have no business meddling. So, while I was driving listening to this radio show, and the woman asked her question, I said out loud, “Don’t meddle.”

And you know, I know my temper. My family knows my temper. Women in my extended family have a history of meddling. Women, we are just as rotten as men, if not more so, and we are governed more by hormones and indecision and we have this innate desire to make things better. Hillary will be just like Oprah, but with a nuclear arsenal. (Josh, however, disagrees. He says Hillary doesn’t have the anatomy to make the call to nuke someone. We’ll see who is right. I am, and we all know it.)


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