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Sunday, August 19, 2007

My ideal off-season…

I like baseball. I’m not as into baseball as Josh, HG, my mom, and a host of others, but I like baseball. I’m also Ms. Seat Finder, as I do have the touch. (Did I tell you about how, sight unseen, I scored *really* good tickets at Minute Made and Camden Yards?)

Anyway, so, my ideal off season for the Twins would include them signing Johan Santana, Torii Hunter, and Justin Morneau. Oh, and Cuddyer if he is due for resigning. (Joe Mauer just resigned last season.)

Get rid of expensive dead weight like Rondell White and replace him with affordable Sammy Sosa, but this wouldn’t make or break my off season like failing to sign the above four would.

If the Twins take post-season seriously, or at least if the Twins management take post-season seriously, then they need to preserve the core stars or risk loosing fans to sit in their brand new stadium.


  • At 4:46 PM , Blogger pianomomsicle said...

    i agree with you. Really, if we could keep this team together, maybe plus or minus some, i really think we'd begin to have an all-star team again, and MN wouldn't be such a joke when it comes to sports. We're almost there with our lineup, but if we lose Santana, i'm pretty sure we're LOST.


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