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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Fairday Five…

Exclusively asked for Minnesotans, but fill it out if you go to your state’s fair.

What is your favorite food on a stick? I’m going to have to say Tater Tot Hot Dish on a Stick, introduced last year, was definitely a winner. But I love pickles on a stick.

What is your favorite ride on The Mighty Mid Way? The Ferris Wheel. I’ve gotten hurt on far too many Mid-Way rides in the past ten years to handle anything else.

What is your favorite animal exhibit? I like the fish pond outside the DNR building.

What is your favorite building to explore? The building with all the arts and crafts.

No trip to the MN State Fair is complete without (fill in the blank). The family picture T-Shirt! Ever since these booths where you can have a digital camera picture taken and then burned onto a calendar or t-shirt, our family has gotten a t-shirt. Friends have made various appearances. It’s been awhile since Becky has been in a shirt. But it is the best fair tradition!

And Josh will be visting with King on the NARN at about 4 pm central on Saturday, listen live here.


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