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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A house divided…

Seriously, what fun would it be if Josh and I cheered for the same teams all the time? Certainly, I have taught him the moral superiority of cheering for the Twins in the AL (however, if they do not sign Torii Hunter, all bets are off). But, neither of our respective football teams are any good this year. I bleed purple, and Josh is a Panthers fan.

Though we did agree that the Twins are the only proper AL Central team a member of our household could reasonably cheer for (except when Josh thinks the A’s are superior), Josh has this thing for the Cards. Good thing we’re members of the LCMS.

But since neither of our teams are in the post season, I am aligning myself with Mom and the Cubs and Josh is cheering for the Rockies.

We all agree on one thing, however: Anybody but the Yankees!


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