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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Not to be seen as too critical…

OK, fine, I actually have no problem criticizing pop Christianity. Full disclosure… I have similar feelings towards Rick Warren for his actions in Syria that Viet Nam vets have for Jane Fonda. Except Rick Warren didn’t aim guns at US Soldiers, but was just a pawn in terrorist propaganda. (Jane Fonda, of course, more extreme and vile and treacherous, but Rick Warren is still a flavor of traitor.) Anyway, I am personally inclined to not like him.

But I was visiting Extreme Theology and found this out… Why would Rick Warren want to tell non-Christians how to GROW their ministry? And now comes a little lesson in logic… I’ve never taken an actual logic class, but you get a fair share of it in economics and statistics and math. There is this concept called “being mutually exclusive” or, if a then not b. You can be a, or you can be b, but you cannot be both a and b. In other words, a and b are mutually exclusive.

This is the funny thing about Christianity… it is mutually exclusive from other religions. No, I am not taking some non-Lutheran point of view on predestination or whether or not Christ died for all sins. I’m stating you are either a Christian or you are not. And if you are a Christian, one of the foundational beliefs is that Jesus is “THE way, THE truth and THE life and NO ONE comes to the Father but by HIM.” So, regardless of what one thinks of the Anabaptist theology that Rick Warren claims decent from, all Christians should agree on that foundational truth.

Now, if one is trying to teach non-Christians how to proselytize, one should examine the whether or not they really do believe Jesus is the way, truth, and life. And if one believes Jesus is merely a way, a truth, and a life, then perhaps one should convert to Buddhism or Hinduism.


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