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Saturday, February 02, 2008

This week in the life of Baby…

Josh announces that his two week training is from June 7 through June 21. Good thing my due date is June 29th and I have HG and Mom nearby… and Dad too, but my guess is Dad wouldn’t be too keen on being in the delivery room, nor would I be too keen to have him there, no offense.

Josh will just be three hours away, and I’d rather him get this over with early in the summer as opposed to later. Just my preference.

And besides, my situation is nothing compared to what others in my FRG group went through. I mean, one gal induced so she could satellite (VTC) the delivery to her husband while he was in Kuwait for a few days. A VTC involves a low level enlisted person being in and out of the room monitoring the VTC equipment, adjusting the view for the expectant dad, and other such things. We’ve had gals ask to web-cam deliveries over Skype and IM. Josh will at least be in the same state as me when I deliver. Hopefully in the same room, but if not, it isn’t the end of the world. As a wise person once said, “The sun will go on rising and setting, if I fail at geometry or not.” And, no, I did not smash a slate over Josh’s head when I found out.

OK, so what’s going on with Baby…

Well, as discussed last week, we decided not to find out Baby’s gender until Baby is born. I’m pretty excited about that. Baby should grow to be 8 ounces. Also, permanent teeth are already forming behind the baby teeth. And baby will begin to get little hair called lanugo. Also, if Baby is a girl, her ovaries are already forming eggs!

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