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Saturday, January 26, 2008

This week in the life of baby…

We reach week 18. We find that the doctor's calculations that "weeks" start on Thursday is just off by three days, so Sundays it is. Baby is 20.5 centimeters and also 7 ounces (confirmed by the ultrasound). Also, Baby’s fingerprints are forming. Baby has a tummy, two kidneys, a bladder, a spine, a brain with two lobes, active arms and legs that have hands and feet attached where appropriate and there are ten fingers and ten toes in the appropraite places. Baby's heart has four chambers with working valves. And Baby seems to be healthy.

I’m also, single incidence, able to eat some poultry products. But I’m still not eating like I did during the first trimester. I’m trying to watch my protein intake and also my fruit and vegetable intake. But women with picky babies must eat what they can.

Anyway... for those who didn't get the hint from my ultrasound picture post, Josh and I want to be surprised regarding Baby's gender.

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