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Friday, January 11, 2008

This week in the life of Baby…

We decided that enough is enough. I’m the parent and though I may not be able to control the eating habits forced upon me by Baby, I can at least start exercising again. As such, I started getting up six minutes earlier each day to do a portion of a pregnancy Pilates DVD. It’s my hope to be able to do the entire DVD by early next week, and start a day one DVD, day two elliptical machine switch off.

And so, we start week sixteen. Fingernails are now completely formed and I am supposed to start feeling Baby move any week now. In some of my quiet moments, particularly after drinking juice or eating a piece of fruit, I sit still and quietly just to see if perhaps I can get the little gurgle or butterfly feeling.

Baby is probably a little more then six inches and weighs in at 3 ounces. Also, Baby’s ears have migrated from the neck to the proper ear place, all ready for hearing things.



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