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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Week 15 in Baby’s life…

I’m feeling psychologically better. We heard Baby’s heart rate, a very healthy 157 beats per minute! I also feel “safe” calling this week 15, as I measure 14.5 centimeters. I’ve been prescribed a steroid inhaler for a month to get rid of this lingering cough. And I’m feeling less worried, in general.

So, what’s new… well, I retired most of my “normal” clothes. My sweaters are still OK, but I refuse to be uncomfortable in regular pants, even with the “hair binder trick,” which I did try for a week but didn’t like it. I also have a “baby tummy” which I find particularly cute.

Baby should weigh in at about 70 grams, or 70 paper clips. Baby’s heart is also pumping 25 quarts of blood each day. To put that 25 quarts into perspective… that’s 800 ounces of water… or you know those half liter bottles of water they sell in the store? That’s 47.34 of those bottles... each day! At delivery, Baby will be pumping out 300 quarts, or 568 of those half liter bottles! HUGE! Oh, and Baby probably sucks its thumb! (Awww!)

I’ve scheduled my ultrasound, and am super excited about that! I was offered a blood screen for Down’s Syndrome, Spinal Bifida and a couple of other diseases, but the doctor and I agree it is for the best that we abstain from the tests. Modern ultrasound technology is great, so why not wait until then to find out. By the time I would get the blood screens back and schedule an amniocentesis or villi sampling, if needed, and get those results, I would have spent weeks worrying. Best not to worry.

I was listening to an Issues Etc. show on pre-natal tests and what tests a Christian should get. Thing about us LCMSers, we’re pretty conservative. The issue at hand was: if you found out your baby had such and such a disease, would you be tempted to abort it? And the recommendation seemed to be avoid the temptation. I see it a different way. Sure, there are some things you want to know before hand… a girlfriend of mine had a baby boy with an obstructed urinary tract, and they were able to arrange to deliver at a hospital that performs the surgery the baby needed. But beyond that, it is just plain cool that we can see what God is doing!

So, will we find out what the Baby’s gender is… If it is obvious, we’ll know… but I like the idea of being surprised.



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