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Sunday, December 23, 2007

An example of ministry

One of the ultimate questions in the Christian walk is how one does ministry. I am "allergic" to most organized forms of performing ministry. Adverse is perhaps another word. But that is me and my preferences for how Christian compassion is best shown. I have no problems or disputes with those who prefer organized ministry, but I find it easier to perform ministry as the oportunity presents itself.

I learned this form of ministry from my parents. Want to know how you sin, ask your teenage kid. Want to know what you do right, ask your grown up kid. My parents have always fully loved their vocation as friends and neighbors. They hear about a particular need, and if it is a need they can meet, they just go ahead and do it. They don't go and find ministries where they can best use their giftings. They just look out their windows and ask concerned questions of those around them.

Some people are far sighted... they see the global need and have the insight on how to take care of large groups of people. But some are near sighted. They see the need of the widower or the single mom or the elderly neighbor. I think of the Sesame Street Song... "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" One of the signs of a good Christian is that they can answer this question because they care.

They follow the example of the inn keeper. Who knows but the inn keeper gave Mary and Joseph all that he had? He met the local need as it presented itself instead of thinking about "Oh, how can I plug into a ministry that helps impoverished travelers?" A cool way to do ministry.


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