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Saturday, January 05, 2008

About this lack of posting…

My drought with posting pretty much coincides with Baby rebelling against food. The beginning of December, my very mild form of morning sickness subsided. Then, mid-December, Baby started rebelling against poultry… then leftovers… then well, food. Poultry is universally not good. But I ate a (well cooked) roast beef cold cut sandwich a few days ago, and I though, “Oh, that must be good to eat today.” Nope. Decaf Earl Gray tea has been fabulous, then all of a sudden, at work on Wednesday, Baby would have none of that. Baby seems to pretty consistently like tofu, Mori-Nu, in smoothie form with cow’s milk and instant breakfast.

So, though there have been interesting things I’ve been observing or thinking about, I just haven’t really felt up to posting. Spending my time trying to eat or recovering from eating.


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