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Sunday, March 02, 2008

On sanctification…

Just as a refresher, Scotty was Josh’s best man at our wedding…

You know, I really like Scotty. He’s a great guy. Though I don’t think I have the entire ins and outs of his testimony, I am amazed at him and his life and his attitude.

Scotty gives us food for thought on sanctification . And I want to encourage all, particularly during the Lenten Season of the forgiveness of Christ for our sins, first of all. I trust Scotty completely when he says someone was not exhibiting Christian behavior. But I do want to offer as a reminder to all, let’s not get judgmental of those who generally exhibit Christian behavior. There is nothing wrong with enjoying beer, wine, or cocktails, or cigars, or chocolate dessert, or ones vice of choice. And my guess is that misunderstandings between Scotty and other people revolve around simple lifestyle things like vice or music or something equally superficial.

There are some far more harmful sins. And our pastor, today, said during Bible hour, something to the extent that in order for godly behavior to be a reflex action, we need to practice godly behavior in real life situations. And it is humbling to remember that I don’t exhibit godly intentions, even when I manage behavior that my parents would not be ashamed of (and let me tell you, though my parents are good people, when I resort to talking about behavior my parents wouldn’t be ashamed of, we’re not talking about the law of God, we’re talking about the law of man) it is filled with sinful intentions. A couple of my friends told me on my recount of my most recent near episode of temper that “at least you didn’t do it.” Yeah, I didn’t do it outside, but I did exhibit temper on the inside. And it took me a while to “get over it.”

The more I think about it, the more Christian life is about confession and rededication, receiving absolution and a reminder that we all sin and fall short of God’s glory, but we are offered forgiveness through the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus. May God continue to change my heart.

And as an aside, this also shows my ignorance of lent and stuff like that, what is the point of giving up candy or alcohol or TV for lent? No, hear me out, would it not be more prudent for me to try to, say, work on anger management stuff during lent? Sure, I’d utterly fail if I said, “I’m giving up my temper for lent.” No judgment on those who give up candy or whatever for lent. I didn’t make a pledge to give up anything or work on anything. Just a thought, though.


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