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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I’d like to buy the world a Coke…

I got this forward from a friend. I’m actually two degrees from the person who actually wrote this, so I can verify that the person in question is, indeed, over the age of 18. I will offer my props to the person who forwarded it to me when I get permission to do so. I don’t want to ruin any relationships here…

I am writing this blog because I feel I have every right to do so. Someone has to say something here. All it has to take is one person to use their voice and to pass on the word and the word will travel to make a difference for other people. I have had enough of hearing about this war. Personally, we never should have gone over there in the first place. There is already enough ugly in the world we shouldn't have to see anymore or add any more to it. Hearing day in and day out that so and so died and this is how they died. Do we really want to keep sending our troops and loved one over there>?? Do we really want to keep this war going on>?? I know I don't want to!! I am taking a stand here and using my voice. Hopefully other people will hear my voice and more people take a stance. Than our voices will be heard! I don't want to see any more caskets, I don't want to hear about the war anymore and I don't want the war to keep going on either. It's time for it to END NOW!! It's enough that our troops suffer from shell shock and are never the same after going over there. Then for the country not to take care of our vets!! Really come on now it's time to pull out our troops and Bring them home where they belong!!! That is enough, I never wanted to send my friends, my family members, my loved ones, or anyone else's loved ones over there. It's time to pull all our troops and bring them back home right now, and for good! That country is a lost cause. We have tried to help that country out before. If they want to be helped and make a change in their country then they need to start & make a stand and make the change for themselves not always rely on other countries to help them out. As well as we really should focus on us and making our country better for us!!

Another reason I am writing this blog is that an extremely close friend to me Kyle was told that he needed to go over. Then I heard that Kyle would be over there for a lengthy time 15 months. Kyle is a big part of my life and I really can't imagine him not in my life. I have known Kyle for 8 years and he has taught me so much and always been here for me and excepted me for who I am!! That's a true friend!! In addition, he made me laugh and smile when I was sad. Kyle is a very dependable, loyal, honest and trust worthy person. I have tried to be strong and to be a trooper about this, but when do you take a stand and stand up for what you believe in>?? This is America land of the free!! When do you say it's enough>?? I am honestly scared out of my mind to where I have been crying. I really don't want Kyle or anyone over there! Our troops belong here with their families and friends and their loved ones!! This is their life here and where they belong, not over there!! I can only admagen what these familys of the troops are going though and how they feel/cope with there family and friends and loved ones there in a war zone/harms langht!! I am taking a stand and using my voice. Hopefully other people will follow and start using their voices on us saying enough is enough and maybe just maybe our voices will be heard and the war will end and our troops come home now!!

Now, I am not one who has any right to correct the spelling or grammar of a fellow adult (cue my family’s laughter). And I’m going to be nice regarding the content of the post. Keep in mind, friends, it *really* sucks to find out your loved one is going off to war, even if you are in favor of it. And under emotional distress we all say stuff we don’t mean (yet another reason why I’m not outing the individual). As an aside, soldier's wives and moms don't like it when you write a eulogy BEFORE anything bad happens. This gal does need a clue. So, let’s take it at face value that this gal obviously wants to help make the world a pretty place for unicorns and teddy bears. Something I will say, though is: this chick is whining because her FRIEND is going to be gone 15 MONTHS. BFD! Our guys were in Iraq longer then the regular Army folks; plus had a 6 month train up. My FRG leader’s husband was the officer who had to sign for all the Conex’s to leave country. So, while he was on four day in Kuwait, she was induced so her husband could witness the birth of their second child via VTC while all the rest of the soldiers were home.

But, back to the issue at hand… Someone ought to do something about getting rid of ugly stuff in the world. King posts on how people in general want to make the world a better place , but either don’t have the time nor resources nor inclination to actually pony up and put action behind their beliefs. Let’s say you were a young passivist who had substantial amounts of time on your hand… you could join the Peace Corps . Josh’s Uncle met a lovely woman while serving in the Peace Corps, they got married, have two cute girls, and still do relief work and have been to between 30 and 50 different countries doing such work. Let’s say foreign travel is not your cup of tea. Try Americorps . Just have time for some local work? Mary Jo Copland could sure use some help . Particularly if you are a do-gooder Democrat voter in Minneapolis. Or, follow Jesus’s example and save lives through shed blood .

One hopes my friend’s friend is capable of rational discussion. And, on their better days, I think most anti-war folks are. The deal is, though, you expect pro-war people to serve in the military, you gotta do more then screed on your myspace page.


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