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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Brief Hiatus and Controversial Topic of the Week…

You will, of course, forgive me for not posting the next few weeks. Josh and I close on the 4th and move on the 12th, so we’re busy children.

I promised Scotty I’d go more in depth with this later, but I want to mention it now while the topic is fresh. I have a general feeling of good will towards people most of the time. And I at least genuinely mean people no harm most of the time. And I’m not so sure what to think about all this racial reconciliation stuff. I mean, no one sits down and defines terms so one person means one thing and another means something else… just confusing enough to make me want to avoid the topic all together. So, here’s the controversial topic of the week:

Let’s say you have a gang banging punk who goes and plants pipe bombs under cop cars and goes and robs a bank with the gang and some innocent mom gets killed. Then let’s say the gang banging punk goes on the lamb for twenty odd years. Eventually, the gang banging punk gets busted and sentenced. Now, let’s pretend this gang is a "protest group" from the 60's and 70's, and the punk is a white woman named Sara Jane Olson.

Regardless of what you think about affirmative action and the like black men do have a legitimate beef here. White women are not held to the same standard under the law. And this does need to change.


  • At 1:06 AM , Anonymous Kara said...

    I agree. A killer is a killer no matter the color or gender.

    Just a reminder, give my mom a call if you need her to get you some sturdy boxes for the move.

  • At 6:51 AM , Blogger Liz said...

    Thanks! I'll let her know!

  • At 1:09 PM , Blogger pianomomsicle said...

    i tagged you for a meme! But only if you feel like participating.
    Love you!

  • At 7:36 PM , Blogger Scotty J. Williams said...

    All I have to say is wow. People usually don't think of such issues outside of a minority context. I would have to say that I completely agree that White women are also not held to the same standard of the law, but at the same time their struggle with male supremacy and White supremacy is often overlooked. I'm saddened that many of us minorities don't understand that male and White supremacy have affected White women in some harsh ways, and the fact that they are White causes them to be overlooked and also in a position of privilege and power at the same time. Now some will agree with the male supremacy part and end there by saying, "The White woman still enjoys privilege, therefore you can't equate her experience with that of the minority sisters." I personally agree that there are two distinct experiences, but my half rebuttal is that our brand of male supremacy stems from White supremacy which comes out imperialism and secularity born from the dregs of Enlightenment thought with all its flowery language about psuedo-liberty and the sufficiency of human reason alone. Sad to say but I have observed people battling the secularity of White and male supremacy with other forms and ideologies of dogmatic secularity that go against it, but this is only going at the beehive with a stick....I mean what is male and White supremacy but idolatry. Sad to say but the secular responses to them from minorities and women have been nothing but idolatry as well, where the goal is merely the recognition of women or people of color by any means, and there is not thought given to reconciliation between the victims, and the perpetrators of White and male supremacy. Such a secular response by women and minorities to the problems are but idolatry as well , and rather than properly giving recognition to women and other ethnicities that the tables might be turned and balanced and we all might properly and somewhat peacefully coexist in this pluralistic democracy having a private property economy whose main goal is economic efficiency, these secular approaches end up making women and minorities be above the White man in a totally new supremacy which is just as idolatrous and evil. Truth is that the goal aught to be empowerment of the oppressed, and the reconciliation and restoration of relationship that God intended for human beings to have amongst themselves. Sad to say but in our secular approaches we end up using God as a vehicle to aid in setting up our idols and dominating someone else, and thus we see the abuses of things such as affirmative action and White women getting off the hook for horrid crimes that should require grave consequences and punishment. So with all that said as a minority I say that White women, and my fellow minorities who commit certain acts should pay fully for their crimes. Yes we should truly investigate to make sure that the downfalls of our racialized social context are not at play making cases reek of foul play. But again I don't care what race or gender you are, if you do commit a crime then you must face the music for it, and the rest of us no matter what race and gender we are, must hold you accountable for it. Otherwise we will persist in operating off of these bad ethics, and the madness and imbalance will only intensify.


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