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Saturday, May 17, 2008

This week in the life of baby…

Now that it is week 34, we learn that I have problems relaxing. Who'd have thunk that when Dad would tell a young Liz to settle down and not worry, that it might eventually turn into a lasting medical thing? And so, my pulse is high. Resting yesterday afternoon through the EKG (excitement!) and to bed, my pulse never dropped below 120. And this morning it was at 96; respectable, but still on the high end of things.

So, yesterday, the doctor also took blood for the thyroid test. And he said, you don't relax by Tuesday, it is beta blockers for you! Thank God for flexiplace and flex work schedules and laptops! Yup, everyone in our office exclusively works from a laptop; so when I get to work on Monday, after a little call to my boss in Chicago, I will be cleared to work from home for half a day and have an early afternoon nap.

Of course, we also picked a great weekend for me to try to settle down during... the baby shower and Josh and my wedding anniversary (he's been gone for half of them to this point).

Baby is still head down, and I can tell the difference between hand end elbow movements and foot and knee movements; which makes life fun!


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