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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pray for Grandma...

Pray for my Grandma, Betty. She had emergency surgery on Friday; was doing well on Saturday, but went down hill on Sunday. She had follow up surgery on Monday and is in an ICU. Things do not look good from an earthly standpoint.

Update 2: Grandma has been removed from the ventilator and has been receiving nutrients through an IV. She had a rough night on Tuesday night, but had a good day on Wednesday. On Tuesday night, her heart started racing. She is not completely out of the woods, yet, but my parents feel confident enough to come home this weekend. An additional prayer request... some of the meds she is on cause her to have panic attacks. So, while she is awake, until she is off the meds, a family member is with her.

An idea for an elderly hospital/nursing home patient... take one of those gift bags we all save, put a small book or two in it to make it sturdy, and paper clip pictures to the sides so they can see important pictures.

Update 1: When I called my mom this morning, Grandma was in an ICU in critical condition. Technically, she can now breathe on her own, but is still on a ventilator as a requisite to her BP meds. The doctors won't have more information on her condition for a few days yet. I'm waiting for my mom to call with this evening's update.


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