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Saturday, July 26, 2008

And what to Penguins Eat?

We had our new friends over on Friday for dinner. They’re new to the area after graduating from seminary, and we thought we’d show some friendship and hospitality.

They have an almost-three-year-old boy who was wearing a dinosaur T-Shirt. I asked about the dinosaur (a T-Rex), what sounds it made (roar!), and what it ate (meat). We went through the list of dinosaurs he knew, growled for each, and determined whether or not they ate meat or grass. Then he noticed Mallory’s baby-jungle-gym with a lion on it. So, we talked about lions, what sounds it makes, and what it eats. The food question stumped the poor guy. So, we suggested it eats zebras. Poor kid wouldn’t buy that. Nor did he think it would eat grass or kitty food (I just thought I’d check). And we talked about other animals. Eventually, we got to Penguins. We really didn’t know what sounds penguins make, but we asked what they eat; and without missing a beat, the little boy said, “Zebras!”

God bless little boys!


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