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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The benefit of being an “Old Testament” Christian…

(You’ll like this one, Dad.)

When I was a revivalist, it was cool to say, “I am a New Testament Christian.” This must be said with a really self righteous tone. But, we were at least encouraged to *read* the Old Testament. Reading the Old Testament must not be encouraged around Pat Robertson’s crowd any longer, otherwise they wouldn’t think it a good idea to hold prayer meetings in front of a statue of a bull (Pr. Cwirla).

They must be listening to the same god the Israelites were (and I don’t mean God the Father Almighty). We had to have an emergency “Mallory, if someone tells you to…” lesson where she is told that we don’t go and pray to statues.

(Can I take my mocking a step further? Please… OK, know that I’m merely poking fun at the situation in an ironic manner.)

If you really want Jesus to come down and establish his millenial reign (assuming you’re a pre-tribber), it is a MUCH better idea to pray to Him rather than Baal (aka The Anti-Christ).


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