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Friday, December 26, 2008

Mallory’s carbon footprint…

Mallory, aka Miss Sensitive Bum, will have a substantially reduced carbon footprint from this point on. That’s right, as soon as my order comes in, Mallory will proudly be sporting cloth diapers, Indian cotton prefolds with some pretty covers. Miss Sensitive Bum did just fine with sensitive bum disposable diapers. However, manufacturers of diapers must think that sensitive bummed babies get potty trained at 6 months. We tried the diapers for babies with normal bums, and the poor girl’s bum is chemical burn red after 2 diapers and spent the entire day screaming bloody murder. Josh went out and bought special organic cotton diapers this evening to last us until our cloth diapers come. Freaking expensive these special organic cotton diapers are, $10.99 for 34! They were made by some Swedish mom who wanted her baby to have compostable diapers. Who the heck in Sweden composts in the winter? Further, who in Minnesota composts in the winter? I’m not going to be that crazy new neighbor that composts her baby’s diapers in the middle of the winter, not to mention the summer! Wouldn’t the neighborhood dogs just love that! I’m going to be like everyone else and throw these special diapers in a plastic bag into my garbage can where they won’t easily biodegrade. Not because I’m difficult (though I am), I’m just thinking convenience here. These diapers are called biodegradable (and they may very well be) just to make people feel good about paying $11 for 34 diapers and throwing them away in plastic diaper genie bags like normal people.

I am actually pretty impressed with the pricing of these pre-fold diapers. I have hereby decided that when the time comes, subsequent babies will be exclusively cloth diapered. Low overhead, no chemical burns, happy baby, happy parents.

Poor Mallory… her first Christmas, and all she wanted was her two front teeth. She didn’t get that, she got this really bad, lousy diaper rash.


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